2023 Hike for Hospice

HVUC Margo Marchers

Humber Valley United Church has a many decades history of valuing The Dorothy Ley Hospice as one of our community partners. Together we are stronger.

In recent years, we have realized that we could increase our support of the Hospice by participating in their annual fund raising event, Hike for Hospice. We have done that by dedicating the four weeks before each Hike to an awareness campaign of the much needed work that the Dorothy Ley Hospice is doing in our community and by asking members of the congregation to contribute to the Hike's fund raising goal.

However, there was always a small challenge - the traditional Hike is held on a Sunday morning and so our members who would like to physically hike, could not. And then one lateral thinker in our congregation said "why don't we have a satellite hike of our own around the church right after the Sunday morning service". And a second out-of-the-box thinker decided that "since we are hiking on sacred ground, we can declare one lap around the church as equivalent to five kilometers". And thus was born our remote Hike which has met with great enthusiasm from the youngest to the oldest members of Humber Valley United Church.

Our team is named in memory of Margo Watt. Margo was a lifelong, vital member of Humber Valley United Church. Margo and her family and friends were cared for and supported by the exemplary team of palliative care providers at The Dorothy Ley Hospice. It was only natural then that Margo's church friends eagerly named our team the Margo Marchers.

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